Windsurf Courses
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Windsurfing Courses

If you are looking for Windsurf courses in Andros you need to know the following useful information. Windsurfing is known to the general public as an extreme water sport. The truth is that it is a unique combination of sailing and balance on the board. However, there are special sails and boats for beginners that cater to every level and age.

A good reason to start windsurfing lessons and progress is the fact that it is a sport that exercises the whole body, and is a great exercise for the mind as well. Athletes use the wind as a driving force and the sail as a steering wheel, to pick up speed, to turn, to "travel". It is a sport that raises the adrenaline, fights stress, and brings us closer to nature and the sea.

“Windsurf courses and windsurfing, in general, can be done, especially in Greece, even during the winter months with the use of an inner suit. “

Who are the Windsurfing Courses for?

Windsurfing is a sport for everyone! Anyone can take windsurfing courses with no upper age limit. As long as there are no serious health problems and as long as you know how to swim, you can try this exciting experience.

Children can start from about 8 years old. Adults can get on the board and grab a sail if they wish, either by attending individual lessons or by joining groups of other athletes of the same level


Equipment & Safety

At Wesurfin' we have the necessary equipment according to your level. They are carried out by qualified and certified instructors, while all safety rules are met. As a prerequisite, we provide all trainees with a life jacket and constant supervision by lifeguards, inflatables, and other boats in the learning area.

In any case, it is a quite safe sport as long as we respect the limits set by our level, the weather, and the sea.

“”It’s a sport that exercises the whole body and the mind.”

What is included?

  • Windsurf equipment
  • Specialized instructor
  • Safety equipment
  • Supervision by boat
  • Rescue equipment

Windsurf courses for children's Private


(30 minutes)
6-10 years old

Windsurf courses for adults


(1 hour)
Individual lesson


(5 hours)
Course package


(10 hours)
Course package with FREE 1 hour equipment rental
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