We know how to surf and we can show you!

We are George Fragos, Akis Chrysochou and Nikos Skordos. Our home is Andros, and we adore the island, its beaches, and its climate. Since we were young, we have been “surfing” in these waters. We compete in windsurfing both as athletes and coaches, winning both national and international titles.

Our experience led us to believe that Kypri is the best beach for water sports. In the summer, we offer island guests the chance to enjoy the beautiful Andros Sea and engage in enjoyable water sports like wakeboarding, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, water skiing, and canoeing.


We "surf" in these waters since we were kids.

Our tale started when world youth champion Akis Chrysochou, aged eighteen, traveled to the isolated island of Korthi in Andros to teach kids how to windsurf. Among his “athletes” were Nikos Skordos and George Fragos.

Eighteen years later, we are still enthusiastic and passionate about what we do best, even after winning national and international windsurfing and SUP championships, as well as personal sporting achievements and coaching distinctions.

We surf in Andros.