The Shop


Wesurfin’ Concept Store

Wesurfin’ THE SHOP and Wesurfin’ restaurant, which offers suggestions and advice for beaches, hiking, and water activities, debuted in 2022. There’s more to Wesurfin’ THE SHOP than just swimsuits, athletic apparel, and beach accessories.

It is a concept store that artfully blends streetwear, resort wear, beachwear suggestions, and shoes. Along with the best-selling Wesurfin shirts and caps, it also sells beach toys, windsurf technical gear, and accessories from Greek slow-fashion and sustainable designers, as well as big-name international brands.


Take a "piece" of Wesurfin' with you

After nine years, Wesurfin’s SHOP relocated from the surf club to a spot close to Wesurfin’s restaurant, a few meters above the street. It now has the restaurant’s boho ambiance and design.

The casual summertime vibe, the feeling of closeness and friendliness, and the delight of the WESURFIN’ experience have all remained nevertheless. We therefore extend an invitation to all of our friends and customers of WESURFIN Beach Bar, Surf Club, and Restaurant to visit us and perhaps take a piece of the WESURFIN community with you when you go.