Water Ski Courses

Started on June 3, 202230 minutes

Water Ski Courses

To take water ski courses it is good to know the following: It is a sport that combines the sea, the speed, and whole-body training. Adrenaline is pumping and that is why water skiing has become very popular in recent years. It is undoubtedly, especially in our country, one of the most beautiful summer activities.

Historically, the first water-skiing "ride" took place on the lake in the USA in 1900. The captain of a fun-loving group tied a wooden board to the boat towing some people up to the shore. Since then the evolution of the sport has changed the "equipment" and it includes many stunts and amazing jumps!

Water skiing may not have made it into the Olympic sports, but it is one of the most popular water sports with millions of fans around the world.

“The adrenaline is pumping, which is why water skiing has become so popular in recent years.”

Who is Water skiing for?

Water skiing is a sport for most people! Anyone can take water ski lessons. As long as there is no serious health problem and once they know how to swim they can easily try the fantastic experience of "walking on water". Children can be introduced to the secrets of the sport from about 5-6 years old. Adults can try the experience, and depending on their physical condition, they can slowly or quickly move up levels. They can forget all their problems and feel free!


Equipment & Safety

At Wesurfin' we have all the equipment you need to take water skiing lessons depending on your level. All lessons are conducted by qualified instructors and in compliance with all safety measures.
As a prerequisite, we provide everyone with a life jacket and constant supervision by rescue vehicles, inflatables, and other boats.

“With water skiing, you can forget all your problems and feel free!”

What is included?

  • Water Ski equipment
  • Specialized instructor
  • 30-minute lesson
  • Safety equipment
  • Supervision by boat
  • Rescue equipment



(30 minutes)
Usually, it takes one course to learn and then you can rent.
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