Wakeboard Courses

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Wakeboard Courses

To take Wakeboard courses it is good to know the following. It is a water sport where you use various techniques and perform maneuvers and jumps. You have direct contact with the water, enjoy the speed, and exercise your whole body.

Wakeboarding athletes "copy" the figures used by surfers and snowboarders. When you progress, the sport involves a lot of stunts and incredible jumps, getting the adrenaline pumping. In our country, it is one of the most "uplifting" summer activities.

Historically, wakeboarding appeared for the first time in Australia in 1980. The evolution of the sport since then has changed the equipment and today it is one of the most popular water sports.

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest-growing sports and it is no coincidence that it is being selected as a key sport for the 2020 Olympics.

“Wakeboarding athletes “copy” the figures used by surfers and snowboarders.”

Who is Wakeboarding for?

Wakeboarding is a sport for all ages! Wakeboard courses can be taken by anyone. If you know how to swim and don't have a serious health problem then you should definitely give it a try.

Wakeboard courses for children start from the age of 5-6 years. Depending on their physical condition, adults can try the experience and level up slowly or quickly. They can feel the freedom of "dancing" on a board in the water.


Equipment & Safety

At Wesurfin' we have all the equipment you need to take wakeboard lessons depending on your level.

All lessons are conducted by qualified instructors and in compliance with all safety measures. As a prerequisite, we provide everyone with a life jacket and constant supervision by lifeguards, inflatables, and other boats.

“When you advance, the sport involves a lot of stunts and amazing jumps, getting the adrenaline pumping!”

What is included?

  • Water Ski equipment
  • Specialized instructor
  • 30-minute lesson
  • Safety equipment
  • Supervision by boat
  • Rescue equipment



(30 minutes)
Usually, it takes one course to learn and then you can rent.
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